13 Days to Camp: Smith's Chip

QB Alex Smith

When the Kansas City Chiefs acquired quarterback, Alex Smith, he came to our fair town with a chip the size of the Rock of Gibraltar. So can he turn that chip into a championship Avalanche?

Ask any Chiefs fan about Quarterback, Matt Cassel, to every man, woman and child, they were in unison that this franchise had to find a new signal caller. So out when former General Manager, Scott Pioli's, hand picked savior and in came yet another 49ers castoff.

From Joe Montana, Steve Bono and Elvis Grbac, the Kansas City Chiefs hope the fourth time is the charm in their fascination, or opportunity, with quarterbacks that San Francisco no longer deems as relevant.

Sure we're putting the quartet into the same category. But let's throw out the middle two and hope that Smith follows the lead of Montana rather than Bono or Grbac.

And if you want my opinion, I'd put my betting shoes that he'll come closer to the success of their part time Hall of Fame Quarterback. Montana came to Kansas City with a chip on his shoulder as well. But his was tied to injuries and age. Smith's was because he lost his starting job to a younger model.

There's no disputing that Colin Kaepernick has the potential to be a solid NFL quarterback. But Smith has also proven his merits. And if not for the bad luck of an injury and a head coach with the guts to bench a man, who just a year earlier led his team to the NFC title game, I'd bet that the Chiefs would have a different starter right now.

When this trade was facilitated in March the Chiefs gave up a pretty price for Smith, a second round pick last April and a likely second rounder in 2014. So that tells me that Head Coach, Andy Reid, felt that Smith was worth more than the price of admission.

It also put Smith on notice. Let's face it the flock of recent Kansas City Chiefs quarterbacks has for the most part been awful. Sure we've had some exceptions but those are the rule when it should be the other way around.

This franchise has never developed a young quarterback and for the majority of its success has found castoffs from other organizations to lead their offense. Now long term that might change under Reid as he's shown a penance for maturing diaper dandy quarterbacks.

But that's in the future. For now, his job is to get Mr. Smith comfortable with his complex offense in short order. And honestly, after Smith the back-up situation in Kansas City is anything but Sunday capable.

Right now the ball is in Smith's court and from all accounts, though he doesn't have the down the field arm or super mobility, he should fit the Reid short passing game to perfection.

Add that to the Chiefs super running game and improved offensive line, Smith has enough tools within his skill set and at the wide receiver position to be a plus .500 quarterback in 2013.

Beyond those prognostications it's a total coin flip as to which Smith will reside in Kansas City this season.

Will he wear the quarterback chip that leads his new team to a ten win season or will that chip crumble on the lackluster history and pressure that fell on the position the last several decades.

I guess in a few months we're going to find out.

Is Mr. Smith the right choice for KC?

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