Postgame Conversations with Cason and English

CB Antoine Cason (Harry How/Getty)

The Chargers' last two first-round selections, Antoine Cason and Larry English, talked with our Samantha Fillerup after San Diego rolled its winning streak to five. See what they have to say about the Broncos, the Chiefs and the state of the Chargers.

Samantha Fillerup: What kind of impact did Denver's penalties (nine) and turnovers (three) have on Sunday's game?

Antoine Cason: I'm not sure how much a factor the penalties were, but they had to be. Crucual penalties that hurt them and help us, too. And the turnovers affected us as a team. To stop a drive, to get a turnover always helps, so that's something that we need to keep getting, those turnovers, because they always help your team.

Larry English: Yeah, that first turnover was especially huge. It was such a momentum swing and just took off from there for the rest of the game. So that was huge for the whole outcome of the game.

SF: What adjustments did you make in the locker room at halftime? Were you surprised by Denver changing quarterbacks mid-game?

LE: There were a few adjustments to be made, but we were just told to come out in the second half like we did the first, just finish strong. I think we did a good job of doing so. I am really proud of that.

And no, we weren't surprised when they changed quarterbacks. The coaches do a good job of priming us to be ready for anything. We prepared for both quarterbacks; we didn't really know what was going to happen. I think due to our preparation during the week, being ready for anything, we were ready to execute.

LB Larry English
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SF: Did you feel like you controlled the tempo from start to finish?

LE: Yeah. We felt good. Defensively, we played well. I felt that we executed and people played fast and that led to us playing well as a group.

SF: And how about the performance of your offense?

AC: I thought the offense did great.

SF: What can be done to improve?

AC: That's kind of hard to say, but we can definitely clean up some areas and just keep working hard.

LE: Just stay on the path that we are on. We've got momentum, keep preparing well, coming every week and executing.

SF: What are your thoughts on the upcoming game against the Kansas City Chiefs?

AC: Go in there and play hard.

LE: They are coming off a big win; they knocked Pittsburgh off. They are going to be confident and really come in and play and we've got to bring the same type of edge.

SF: How did this team manage to stay together after the 2-3 start?

LE: A lot of that is due to the leadership of the coaches and leadership of the veteran guys on the team. They stood confident and allowed the younger guys to be confident; and everything just took off from there.

SF: So Larry, 10 games into your professional career, how do you feel?

LE: It is definitely different. I honestly think the biggest difference is Monday through Saturday and just the preparation. There's a lot more that goes into preparing for an NFL game. I think that's where the biggest differences lie.

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