Super Bowl XXXVII Records

Gannon not on his game (Getty Images)

The game was about defense as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers beat the Oakland Raiders at Qualcomm in San Diego 48-21. Jon Gruden and the Bucs win the trade that sent him to Tampa from Oakland in exchange for two first round and two second round draft picks.

Individual Super Bowl Records Set in Super Bowl XXXVII

• Most passes had intercepted: 5, Rich Gannon, Raiders

• Most interceptions returned for touchdowns: 2, Dwight Smith, Buccaneers

Individual Super Bowl Records Tied in Super Bowl XXXVII

• Most punts caught for fair catch: 4, Karl Williams, Buccaneers (ties record set by Jermaine Lewis, Super Bowl XXXV)

• Most kickoff returns: 8, Marcus Knight (ties record set by Andre Coleman, Super Bowl XXIX

Team Super Bowl Records Set in Super Bowl XXXVII

• Most interceptions: 5, Tampa Bay

• Most points, both teams, second half: 46 (Tampa Bay 28, Oakland 18)

• Fewest first downs rushing, both teams: 7 (Tampa Bay 6, Oakland 1)

• Most yards gained on interception returns: 172, Tampa Bay

• Most touchdowns on interception returns: 3, Tampa Bay

• Lowest punting average: 31.0, Tampa Bay

• Most kickoff returns, both teams: 13 (Oakland 9, Tampa Bay 4)

Team Super Bowl Records Tied in Super Bowl XXXVII

• Fewest first downs rushing: 1, Oakland (ties record set by two other teams)

• Fewest sacks allowed: 0, Tampa Bay (ties record set by eight other teams)

• Most interceptions, both teams: 6 (Tampa Bay 5, Oakland 1, ties record set in Super Bowl V)

• Most kickoff returns: 9, Oakland

• Fewest fumbles lost, both teams: 0 (ties record from 10 other games) Recommended Stories

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