Floyd Finds His Way in Crowded Receiver Corps

WR Malcom Floyd (Harry How/Getty)

Malcom Floyd snagged his first catch of the season with a 17-yard grab over the middle against the Raiders. It was part of a busy night for San Diego's receivers, as Vincent Jackson and Legedu Naanee combined for 10 receptions. After the game, Floyd talked with SDBoltReport.com's Amberly Dressler about his individual development and the state of San Diego's wide receiver corps.

Amberly Dressler: The wide receiver position is considered one of strength for the Chargers. How does that play into the group's mentality?

Malcom Floyd: When we were called upon, we did a good job [on Monday]. We made a big play in the end zone. It all played out really well and we made some big catches. Everyone played well on the receivers' part.

AD: How did your offseason go?

MF: I think I did alright. It carried over to training camp and we won a few games in the preseason. And we carried it over to the regular season and won our first game.

WR Malcom Floyd
Jeff Gross/Getty
AD: What are some of your goals for the season?

MF: I don't really have any individual goals.

AD: How about goals for the receiving corps?

MF: Taking it one game at a time.

AD: How have you personally improved over the last year or so?

MF: Probably just getting a little stronger, a little bigger and a little bit faster.

AD: How does the wide receiver group get along?

MF: I think we all gel really well. We joke around away from practice. When we get practice, we get down to business and take care of what we need to take care of. I think we do a good job; we hang out and have fun.

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