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Snyder on Sproles: "Quicker than a hiccup"

Snyder on Sproles: "Quicker than a hiccup"

Ever since the Chargers drafted Darren Sproles in the fourth round of the draft, Coach Schottenheimer has done nothing but gush about Sproles' evasive and sudden style of play. All this after spending only a few weeks with the kid. Sproles' coach at Kansas State, Bill Snyder, spent four years with him. So as one would expect, Snyder can gush about Sproles like none other.

"He played as a freshman," recalls Snyder, "not because we were without talent, but because he earned it. He is such a fine player." Coach Snyder knows that the primary concern regarding Sproles stems from his diminutive stature. He is, however, quick to refute the theory that Sproles' size will prevent him from being productive on the next level. In fact, he remembers how Sproles bounced back... Recommended Stories

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