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Chargers on the Ball with Fifth Round Draft Pick

Dave Ball, a Chargers rookie

While many have criticized the San Diego Chargers roster moves this off-season, there has been an undeniable theme involved in all of general manager A.J. Smith's personnel decisions. The team has gone out and pursued blue collar players with outstanding work ethics, as opposed bringing in the big money all-stars that have ravaged the teams salary cap and demolished team chemistry in recent seasons.

With this type of lunch-pail-player in mind, AJ Smith drafted defensive end Dave Ball out of UCLA with the first of the team's two fifth round selections. "I am willing to contribute in any way possible," says Ball. "I mean if I have to run out and grab the tee after kickoffs then that's what I'll do." Ball will be expected to provide valuable snaps from the right defensive end position. And... Recommended Stories