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Draft day call to Manning and other sorted tales

Chargers feeling Cush-lash

This year's draft for the Chargers ended up being more like a four-day odyssey. It featured all the machinations and subplots of an ancient Greek tragedy and brought all of the Bolts' inadequacies to a national audience. But when the smoke finally cleared, how did The Organization end up looking? Actually, they fared pretty well in spite of themselves. <i>USA Today's</i> "Sports Weekly" featured an article on how the Chargers' "draft gamble" paid off.

Of course, the same article also awarded A.J. Smith with the best quote of the draft: "We knew exactly what we doing, but we don't want to reveal what we were thinking." You can't argue with that kind of genius. I don't blame Eli Manning for not wanting to play for the Chargers. No one has been more critical of the Chargers than I have. Schottenheimer is past his mediocre prime and the... Recommended Stories

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