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Open-door to the 3-4?

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Jamal Lewis in BIG-trouble? Clinton Portis a Redskin? Keyshawn a Cowboy? Phillip Rivers THE target? Robert Gallery a RAIDER? The whirlwind is picking up and there is a whisper in the breeze. No, not Brees as in Drew Brees; an actual whisper in the San Diego Charger breeze. Something is a stirring on the defensive alignment front....

With so much going on in the NFL these days, little attention has been paid to an important question for the Chargers. Will it be the 3-4 or the 4-3 on defense? It‚s not an issue the Chargers are going to hold a press conference over, but inquiring minds want to know. The Chargers must surely know the answer by now. The combines are through, free agency is lurking in the shadows, and the Draft is... Recommended Stories

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