Chiefs Set Playoff Course

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After Sunday's beat down in Washington, the Kansas City Chiefs are a mere one game away from making the NFL's post-season tournament. With three games left this season, Head Coach, Andy Reid, can begin getting his team primed for the January journey.

In the three weeks prior to the Chiefs 45-10 victory over the Washington Redskins on Sunday afternoon, the team had lost three straight games. Granted in two of them, both against the mighty Denver Broncos, the Chiefs weren't expected to win either game.

But with the loss to San Diego in the middle of those games, Kansas City hit the skids and entered their contest against Washington riding a trio of losses. So how did they respond?

They beat the Redskins in every phase of the game. But something else happened in the lopsided victory, the Chiefs found their swagger again.

It's hard to take away a great deal from this game but it does give Chiefs fans a glimpse of the kind of team the Chiefs might become as they finish out the regular season and begin what could be a fascinating playoff drive.

As things stand now, it's likely the Chiefs will open the playoffs at Indianapolis against the suddenly vulnerable Colts. Making that match up a bit more intriguing is the fact, the two teams play a week from Sunday in Kansas City.

At hand this weekend is what should be a lay up victory against the suddenly hapless Oakland Raiders. Still the Chiefs can't take them too lightly. But it's important the Chiefs win this AFC West match up.

That aside, Head Coach, Andy Reid, has some time to tinker, develop and game plan for the Chiefs first playoff game in three years. Considering the state of the Colts right now, Kansas City should use the next two games as learning and teaching moments to get poised for their first playoff game.

I say first because if the Chiefs offense can continue to play as well as it has the last three weeks, there isn't a defense in the this upcoming post season on the AFC side that's going to stop that train. Lost in the shuffle of the last four games, Reid has discovered he can now open up the rest of the playbooks.

As he manages that task and his team better executes his game plan, opposing defenses are going to shutter at the thought of playing this team in January.

In retrospect, the Chiefs three game slide probably was the best thing that could happen for Reid and his team. What we learned the last month is that this team can compete with anyone.

If you take two or three plays away from the Broncos and Chargers losses, Kansas City might be in the top spot in the AFC entering their match up against the Raiders.

But that's neither here or there. What doses matter is the fact the Chiefs have plenty of time to get healthy on both sides of the ball the next three weeks before we see just how far this franchise has come in one year.

In watching the game on Sunday, I never had a sense of fear the Chiefs were going to lose. Even with the consecutive losses, I felt Reid's calm demeanor would steady the ship.

To his reward, the Chiefs did what they had to do on Sunday and quite likely should have similar results against the Raiders, Colts and San Diego Chargers.

For now though Chiefs fans can revel in the fact that after a wicked 2-14 season, your football team is on the verge of the playoffs with room to breath and improve their overall play.

Should Reid begin getting ready for the playoffs now?

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