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On a record setting day in the stands, the Kansas City Chiefs salted away another victory in the fourth quarter. This time taking care of the Oakland Raiders 24-7 and showcasing Arrowhead as the home of the best fans in the NFL.

It's been a long time since I could feel my heart pound at Arrowhead stadium because the crowd noise was so loud. On Sunday afternoon, the world found out a pair of key items. First, the Chiefs are the best fourth quarter team in the NFL. Secondly, Arrowhead is the loudest stadium on the planet.

In true fashion the Chiefs defense was dominant while KC's offense was not so good. But in crunch time, they came together as one to extend the Chiefs record to 6-0.

Arrowhead was at her best on Sunday afternoon. Not only did she break the Guinness Book of World Records sound barrier by raising the roof to jet fighter 137.5 decimals but also she told the rest of the NFL you're not coming into Arrowhead and leaving here with anything but a loss.

After the game Kansas City Chiefs Head Coach, Andy Reid, told reporters the ground was shaking beneath his feet. Not only were the sounds deafening to all in attendance but the Arrowhead turf felt as if it was in constant motion.

The game itself was a defensive showdown by both teams until the third quarter when the Chiefs pulled away. At that point, the offense picked up some pace and the defense went into a gear we'd not seen yet this season.

Overall the Chiefs defense sacked Raiders Quarterback, Terrelle Pryor, ten times and forced three interceptions that sealed the victory for Kansas City. On the flip side KC's offensive line gave up three first half sacks but none in the final two quarters.

But this offense is struggling. Quarterback, Alex Smith, needs to increase his life insurance coverage if Reid and company can't solve the offensive line issues that could sink KC's hope for a long stay in the playoffs.

Rookie Right Tackle, Eric Fisher, is getting beat so badly on every snap Reid and company might consider starting back-up, Donald Stephenson, next weekend against the struggling Houston Texans. They won't but I'm at least throwing it out there.

It's a bit confusing to see Fisher struggle. In college, he was a mauler but in the NFL he simply has no leverage and is just whiffing at defenders. Now he may turn it around yet this season but at some point his play could cost the Chiefs a loss.

But he's not the only man playing poorly. Guards Jon Asamoah and Jeff Allen are getting torn up the gut. When the Raiders stacked the box and blitzed they had free reign on Smith up the middle and at times on the edge.

Thankfully the Chiefs have three more games and the bye week to solve their line issues before their Mile High showdown in Denver. With the line playing poorly they are still 6-0 and this team has the benefactor of a Super Bowl worthy defense.

Is that enough to compensate for the offensive struggles?

However there is some good news on the horizon. The Chiefs are still winning, learning, scratching and crawling to become a complete football team. Their fourth quarter resolve is a testament to their will to win. They've decided to a man they've grown weary of being NFL doormats.
BR>On Sunday, the Chiefs ended the weekend as one of two undefeated teams in the NFL, the other of course being their hated division rival.

I know I could complain more but the fact I have a migraine headache from sitting in the stands the entire second half, I'm still in awe this team remains perfect in 2013. They've done that without playing a game when all three phases of their game have been on the same page.

Should that occur this team has the strength and resolve to bring fear to the balance of the AFC because nothing seems to faze these Chiefs.

On defense, they just get meaner if you score on them. On offense, they lull you to sleep before breaking out enough consecutive clutch plays down the stretch to turn a close game into a blowout in the final stanza.

They have three more games plus the bye week to shore up any deficiencies before the Broncos matches and I would not bet against them doing just that.

Enjoy the ride Chiefs fans because with 10 games left on the schedule this season anything is possible including home field advantage throughout the playoffs.

How much a factor was the Arrowhead faithful on Sunday?

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