Raiders Chiefs Primer: End the Streak

Photo: Kelly L. Cox USA Today Sports

Over the last six seasons the Oakland Raiders have owned Arrowhead and for the life of me, I can't understand why. But if the boys in red are serious about contending for the AFC West Crown this winter, that ugly streak must end Sunday.

I knew the Oakland Raiders have enjoyed tremendous success at Arrowhead the last few seasons but I had to do a double take when I read the press release this week that embarrassingly pointed out; the Silver and Black have won six straight at the house Lamar Hunt built.

First and foremost I'm on record stating the streak will end Sunday when the Raiders invade Arrowhead this weekend. Well at least I hope so.

Oakland with a 2-3 record isn't a bad football team. They manhandled the San Diego Chargers Sunday night at home. They can defeat the Kansas City Chiefs this week as well.

But the Chiefs Nation has something special in mind for the hated Raiders. Thanks to the group, Terrorhead Returns, the fans at Arrowhead Stadium will have the opportunity to set a new Guinness Book of World Record for the loudest stadium noise to be recorded at an NFL stadium.

Add that with the fact the Chiefs are 5-0 heading into this game and their divisional first place roommate, the Denver Broncos, face the hapless Jacksonville Jaguars at home, that means they're going to need every one of those decimals behind them to snap that wicked streak.

Thus far in 2013 the Chiefs have played their part in front of the home crowd. Sure the team has deficiencies to shore up before their upcoming battles with Denver, but with three straight home games on the horizon, there isn't a chance Kansas City is going to take the Raiders lightly.

Head Coach, Andy Reid, has been stellar in his weekly approach keeping his team focused on the game at hand. While most of us in the media are already focusing on Denver, and the possibility of an undefeated clash in November, the Chiefs know the Raiders dominance at Arrowhead can continue if they don't bring their ‘A' game to Arrowhead at high noon.

Raiders Quarterback, Terrelle Pryor, is no slouch. He's quickly adapting to the dink and dunk philosophy that's guided the Raiders to a pair of wins. And if not for his late fourth quarter turnover in the opening week, he would have defeated the Indianapolis Colts on the road.

Granted he's not faced a defense as sturdy as the Chiefs. So for Raiders fans, this will be a pretty big test for their young quarterback.

In years past, quarterbacks of the caliber of Pryor have brought their team back in the fourth quarter to thwart certain Chiefs victories. It's something that can't repeat itself on Sunday. Kansas City has to put this game away in the first half.

For weeks now KC's offense has sputtered to get off to a quick start. At some point, the down the field passing game and the running attack has to get in sync. Sure the Chiefs are the premier fourth quarter team in the NFL. But this game should be a laugher.

This weekend Kansas City needs one of those games to add to its 2013 resume. Sure they manhandled the New York Giants two weeks ago at Arrowhead Stadium but they salted that game away late.

But one can't lose sight this football team is still rebuilding and adapting to it's complex offensive system. However, Reid needs to flip a few more pages in his playbook with Kansas City facing its first division rival this season. Because they must end the season with a 5-1 divisional record if they hope to keep pace with Denver.

We all know Reid loves to script the first 15-20 plays but perhaps on Sunday with the Terror in the stands beating down on the Raiders, he should unleash more of his offense. Perhaps he'll open the game with a flea-flicker or a reverse of some kind to set the tone.

Whatever he decides one thing is certain the Chiefs Nation will be LOUD and PROUD on Sunday. So why not reward them with a blowout from the opening kick-off.

Will the players match the same enthusiasm as the home crowd for their distaste for the Raiders?

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