Chiefs vs. Jaguars Primer: Sutton's Troops

When the Kansas City Chiefs open the regular season at Jacksonville on Sunday, one man has the opportunity to make a definitive statement on this team. If the Chiefs are going to rise to second best in the AFC West, they'll need Defensive Coordinator, Bob Sutton, to use ever ounce of his experience to guide KC's defense to an elite level.

After witnessing the Peyton Manning welcome back tour Thursday night, it's clear he's hell bent on creating havoc for the rest of the NFL. After he threw seven touchdowns passes against the Baltimore Ravens in the season opener, it's clear to yours truly the Denver Broncos are the team to beat in the AFC.
BR>If the Kansas City Chiefs want to be in the same hemisphere as Denver when they meet up in November, then their defense, not their offense, has to become a bell ringing, hit em in the mouth unit.

When Head Coach Andy Reid, hired Bob Sutton to run his defense. Not many people knew much about the former Jets assistant coach. With the New York Jets, Sutton served as a position coach and defensive coordinator. However, his duties flipped flopped often when Rex Ryan took over the team.

In Kansas City, he has the opportunity to work with a plethora of All Pro players that he can mold into an attacking championship unit. So can he do that?

I don't see why not.

As he gets ready to face a Jacksonville Jaguars team, that hasn't even announced their starting quarterback, Sutton will no doubt have his troops ready to hit whomever is under center.

"I don't think in this case (there is much of a challenge). For one, both quarterbacks (Blaine Gabbert and Chad Henne) have played in the past," Sutton said after practice on Thursday.

"I know last year with the Jets, we played against Henne when Miami was there. He's very comfortable; he has obviously played more in the preseason than Blaine did. I don't see their offense playing significantly different, they are still built around 32 (Jones-Drew) and 89 the tight end (Marcedes Lewis). I think those two factors will keep them in a similar thing. There is probably certain plays that one does better than the other in the minds of their coaches. I don't see anything dramatically different."

In coaches speak, Sutton could care less who is playing quarterback. He knows his players have a job to do and his no-nonsense approach to doing whatever it takes to get the ball into the hands of the Chiefs offense, should serve KC's defense all season long.

I don't think there's any question the Chiefs defense is ahead of the offense. Based on their performances throughout the pre-season, Sutton's troops played hard, within themselves and appeared to grasp his defensive schemes.

However with the regular season upon us none of that really matters. Because the task ahead is to suffocate a Jaguars team, that on paper, just isn't all that talented. But that aside, they do have one player that could change the course of the game on any given snap – running back, Maurice Jones-Drew.

"A lot of times when it's a big back, you say ‘tackle him low,' but (Jones-Drew) is a big back that is short. You really can't tackle him low unless you get down below the knees. If you hit him in the thigh-area, you are facing a really difficult task of getting him down. He is a hard guy to describe; you can't always find him, but he's always alive. The thing you can never do with a back like him is you can never relax or assume he's going down because that's really not how he plays," Sutton said of the Jaguars offensive weapon.

Chiefs finds don't need to be reminded of the terror the Jaguars running back can levy on Kansas City. But one thing is certain; the Jaguars star back doesn't intimidate Sutton.

After all since April, when the schedule came out, he's had plenty of time to devise a defensive attack aimed at shutting him down.

Bob Sutton brings a fire to KC's defense that hasn't been here since Gunther Cunningham.

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