Preparing For Haley's Comet

Steelers OC Todd Haley

Come next Monday night, the final nail will be driven in the coffin of this miserable Chiefs season. The Steelers will certainly provide the fireworks and the explosion of Todd Haley's offense will land squarely in the middle of this historically inept team.

After witnessing another remarkable loss at San Diego on prime time television last week, this is where Clark Hunt absolutely has to draw the line. The changes made on Monday were but a shell of what needs to be done to ressurect this franchise.

This very open plea to the Hunt family will save them the headache of continued doubt in their commitment to Kansas City and its loyal fans for over 50 years:

It is time, Mr.Hunt. Scott Pioli has to go. Romeo Crennel after stepping down as defensive coordinator to spend more time on the offense - has to go. When your head coach is only capable of answering legitimate questions with one word answers and trying to qualify valid requests for explanation with out of this universe verbose, you have a problem.

When you have a general manager who takes the opportunity to explain himself during the bye week and he turns it into spin control when every intelligent writer and fan knows better, you have a problem.

When you have a group of fans that are willing to incite the Chiefs nation to wear black to a home game to display their displeasure, you have a problem.

Let's take a look at football.

Two things stand out to me that should stand out to you. Your team has been out scored 61-6 in the first quarter. Starting from a hole shows that the offense is incapable of mounting a single effective drive when all players should be fresh and ready to go. Secondly, not only not establishing a lead or holding one, but destroying every possible chance by turning the ball over in every phase of the game.

It is unacceptable that you have allowed your father's legacy to be tarnished by stepping away from responsibility. You have no choice but to provide the fans of Kansas City with a statement of acceptance of what has happened to this team. You need to act decisive and you need to act soon. Action will speak louder than words. By cutting the ties to Pioli and Crennel, will you begin to see the vocal return of Chiefs fans.

Once you have made the right decisions, then you will enjoy an almost certain return of enthusiasm to this fan base. It is understood that it will take time to return this team to the top of the NFL and your fans are willing to endure this BUT it will take you making definitive decisions that inspire the support of your fans.

It is not lost on me that blowing up an organization mid-season is not a very good idea, but I don't think you've left yourself with a choice. If you allow the current management team to survive through the end of season, you may lose so many fans whose loyal support has been engendered over years, but you may also lose the support of a business community that could have long lasting financial implications for Hunt enterprises.

You are a businessman that understands profit and loss. You understand developing a business model that provides the highest margins so the company will profit. What you have now is a very public failure.

Let's not understate the obvious. You have an historically bad team. Worse than any other team, arguably, in the history of the NFL. Do you want to be known as the man who owns that moniker?

I can't sit here and write anything positive about the state of this team. It is just not possible. What I have to write, as I promised earlier this week, is this column. This is the worst possible scenario playing itself out. In the future when this season is in the books, it will be studied by academia for lessons to be learned. Sports management and business management professors will take this season apart to try to find anything to learn from the problems defined by this season.

Make no mistake, Clark, this will happen and I know you are coming to realize this. Please make a statement to Kansas City that you realize the problems and you will do everything in your power to right this ship.

Unless you are willing to public acknowledge what everyone knows and sees, the end of the success of your National Football League franchise is in sight.

Will the sequel of Todd Haley produce more change in Kansas City?

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