After five games this year, the Chiefs stand 1-4, dwelling in the basement of our division following a loss to the Baltimore Ravens that could only be called one of the most supreme handouts ever witnessed

There were three individual plays that we should have scored and in some cases did score a TD on either called back due to penalties or fumbled away in the end zone for the go-ahead points. It certainly seems that as soon as we get some momentum up on our side of the ball, we discover a brand new method of shooting ourselves in the foot or hand or other valuable extremity making every possession of the ball a new adventure in pain.

Turnovers have become extremely fatalistic for our much-loved gang as was the case this past week making it apparent that we are just oh so willing to give up the ball that our opponents can barely contain their enthusiasm to score their own points on our behalf letting us beat ourselves in ever more imaginative ways. This does have an effect on the many questions that crop up in my mind after every game we play.

Mainly I would ask of the receivers on our team, if you are unable to catch the ball as thrown to you, will you please make sure you tip the pigskin down to the ground and not up into the air because that leads to killer INT's sometimes returned for killer TD's leading to the inevitable killer score on the board. With a total of 10 (count ‘em) ten miscues in the last 2 contests, it seems like a reasonable quandary.

The fact that Cassel went out of the game with a head injury leads to the next question of will we have a quarterback controversy on our team heading into the future? Brady Quinn didn't really have much of a chance in the last game but it could very well be the time to bring some new blood onto the field because, let's face it, Cassel has been fairly good but not good enough to give our team a fighting chance against each adversary.

In fact, I think the Chiefs might have been concluding the very same thing and the concussion beat them to the punch (pardon the pun.) This seemed more real than ever when in the third quarter, the Chiefs were in a 3rd down and 18 situation, deep in our own territory, down by less than a TD and we elected to run Jamaal Charles to try and pick up the first down. That just shows me the team as a whole lacks confidence in either Cassel or any of the numerous receivers who have dropped passes, tipped passes or fumbled passes thrown to them by Matt. Either way, it still comes out with the same effect; another L in the loss column and another giant obstacle that has to be overcome in order to fulfill our dreams of conquering the post-season.

The only way for the Chiefs to come back from a disastrous season is through teamwork and togetherness and all those other "feel good" tendencies because let me tell you from valuable experience that unlike the great Edgar Allen Poe, it will take more than poetry and opium to magically bring back this season.

Hopefully, we can strike back from a period of "nevermore" and end up with a winning record "evermore."

Will the fans revolt if the Chiefs continue their losing ways?

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