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In the Trenches

Second string D-line

You want to play a position that gets little love and glory? Want to play a position where a big man's fists are constantly in your face? Do you dream of someone else's sweat mixing in with your own? A big man's butt in your face every play doesn't scare you? We have the positions for you to play along the offense or defensive line.<br><br> The weekend Mini-Camp battle along the trenches in San Diego Charger land…

With a revamped secondary the defensive line will still have to create pressure up front. The return of Jamal Williams and health of Jason Fisk on the inside will help against the run. A five man group will be assembled to man the front lines on offense. The job is to create holes for LaDainian Tomlinson to run through and protect Drew Brees so he can find David Boston open all day. This... Recommended Stories

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