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Will V-Jack Get Fitzgerald-Type Coin?

WR Vincent Jackson (Kent Nishimura/Getty)

Larry Fitzgerald's megadeal last season has the likes of Vincent Jackson, Calvin Johnson and DeSean Jackson salivating at the prospect of becoming $20 million-a-year targets. What they're discarding is the success of blue-light specials such as Victor Cruz (Giants) and Mike Wallace (Steelers) have helped their teams prosper at literally fractions of that price.

In the always interesting and ever changing world of NFL wide receivers, the prodigal Randy Moss is trying to get back into the league, New England pass catchers are attempting to get over their uncharacteristic Super Bowl XLVI drops, Roddy White wants to get across his point about commissioner Roger Goodell being overpaid, Hines Ward is trying not to get bounced out of Pittsburgh, the Detroit... Recommended Stories

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