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Special Teams, Special Drill

The kicking game of the San Diego Chargers is one place to start when considering what needs to be upgraded this offseason. For the first time in practice Friday we got a taste of what to expect in the form of new blood, Mackenzie Hoambrecker.<br><br> Then it was game time when the offense poured onto to the field to attempt to go 80 yards for a touchdown, complete with downs. The defense was given the task of stopping them, and no punting was allowed.

Mackenzie Hoambrecker lined up for 11 field goals from various spots on the field, starting from 33 yards out. Darren Bennett held the snap each time. From inside the 40, Hoambrecker was perfect. He lined up for three within 40 yards, two from 33 and one from 38 and made them cleanly. Hoambrecker then lined up for four more from outside of 40, two from 43 yards out and two from 48 out and...

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