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Chargers Draft Board: Round 4

Inside round 4 of the draft

AJ Smith said in his Pre-Draft press conference that, "We'll have a group of players at each round, a plethora of players, anywhere between 7 or 8 players and we will be prepared to see how it unfolds." Based on information we have gathered regarding the list of hopefuls, we take a look at the Chargers Draft board and explain why each player is on that board. Today is round 4 and we will work our way back to round 1 as we lead up to the Draft. Round 1 will be out late Friday night.

The fourth round, where starters can be found with regularity, and misses really hurt the development of a team. The fourth round and beyond will make up a majority of a team, and that is where scouts get their due. Unfortunately for the Chargers the last time they picked a starter from the ranks of the fourth round was back in 1993 when they selected Ray Lee Johnson. 4th Round Draft Board The... Recommended Stories

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