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Chargers Draft Board: Round 6

Round six of the 2003 NFL Draft

AJ Smith said in his Pre-Draft press conference that, "We'll have a group of players at each round, a plethora of players, anywhere between 7 or 8 players and we will be prepared to see how it unfolds." Based on information we have gathered regarding the list of hopefuls, we take a look at the Chargers Draft board and explain why each player is on that board. Today is round 6 and we will work our way back to round 1 as we lead up to the Draft. Round 1 will be out late Friday night.

Round 6, not all that different from round 7 in terms of quality athletes, it is more a crapshoot, or a game of pin the tail on the donkey. Some great players can be had if the board is setup right. Inconsistency still breeds in round six and some surprises may even fall here. The Chargers are preparing for every angle, and so are we. In fact we have some surprises of our own, and maybe a... Recommended Stories